Royals of Europe
I'm Megan and this blog is about my love for European Royalty with a particular focus on British and Danish Royals.

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"Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to announce that The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting their second child.

"The one that I based Princess Mia on the most was Princess Victoria of Sweden because I like the way she lives her life. She’s going to school at the same time she’s touring the world. She’s doing things princesses typically don’t do like visiting troops. She trained in the National Guard and she does all the princess glamour stuff real well, but when the cameras aren’t around, she lives her own life. She’s an avid outdoorswoman. She doesn’t compromise who she is. She’s always very, very much herself and that’s a very down to earth, real person and I thought that would be a good role model for Mia. I definitely admire her."
- Anne Hathaway talking about who she based her portrayal of Princess Mia in The Princess Diaries (via teaandroyalty)

Happy Estelle, everybody!


"My son Felipe, heir to the throne, embodies stability, which is a hallmark of the monarchy. The Prince of Asturias has the maturity , preparation and sense of responsibility necessary to assume full guarantees the Head of State and open a new era of hope in which the experience and the drive to a new generation combined. Count for this, I’m sure, with the support you will always have of Princess Letizia." | June, 2014

Much love to Felipe & Letizia;  we wish you the best of luck! xo ♡

Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Princess Josephine & Prince Vincent of Denmark (2014)

Prince George’s First Royal Tour